Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser Canopy

Do you drive a Toyota LandCruiser? If you’re looking for a ute canopy to get more out of your LandCruiser, look no further than the team at L&G Chivalry.

Our professionals are highly experienced in the design, manufacturing, and supply of ute canopies and trays. We can provide you with the perfect Land Cruiser canopy for all your needs, whether you want to work hard ore play hard.

A Toyota LandCruiser ute canopy from L&G Chivalry will provide you with added space and supreme functionality. Whether you’re a tradie on the job or you’re looking for a Land Cruiser camping canopy, you can store, transport and access all your gear easily with a tray and canopy from our team.

For more information about our range or to get a custom LandCruiser canopy, get in touch with L&G Chivalry now.

Get a 79 Series Canopy from Our Team

Whatever model of Toyota LandCruiser you drive, our experts are here for you. We can even provide you with a 79 Series LandCruiser canopy.

Whether you’re looking for an extra cab, a dual cab, or a 79 Series single cab canopy, L&G Chivalry is fully equipped to manufacture it for you. Whatever option you choose, you can be sure that your 79 Series canopy will be made from the highest quality materials while still maintaining a low price. Genuine and cost-effective, our LandCruiser ute canopies are available in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and beyond.

Aluminium Canopies for LandCruisers

L&G Chivalry specialises in heavy-duty aluminium canopies for LandCruisers. These canopies also come with a range of other features as standard, including a fully seam welded design, weather-resistant seals, and ladder racks.

If you want to customise your Landcruiser ute canopy further, we can offer an upgrade to flat 5052 aluminium alloy, the addition of lift-off systems, height upgrade options, and much more. Talk to our team to discuss exactly what you need.

L&G Chivalry has locations in Melbourne and Sydney, and our ute canopies are also available in Adelaide and other areas around Australia. For more information or a quote, give us a call today.