Custom Ute Trays Melbourne & Sydney

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Custom Ute Trays Melbourne & Sydney

Searching for high-quality custom ute trays in Melbourne, Sydney, or anywhere in between? Why not have a look at the quality offerings that are available from L&G Chivalry, and find your perfect ute tray solution today. If you’re looking for a strong, yet lightweight aluminium design that will fit any make, model, and size of ute, then you will love our aluminium ute trays. Melbourne customers will find the entire range of tray utes for sale in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs at our Braeside base. If you are based closer to Sydney, then you can talk to the team at our Fairfield East factory. With our range of aluminium ute trays, we aim to provide a range that is affordable without ever sacrificing on quality. All of our products are made to go the distance and we won’t use inferior materials in order to lower costs. We only ever use the best materials and construction methods to ensure our customers will be happy with the performance of their ute tray, ute canopy, or toolbox for many years to come. Our aluminium ute trays provide the perfect base for our ute canopies and are designed to be a tailored fit without any alteration. Any of the single cab, dual cab, or extra cab canopies can be customised with a lift-off system, so you can use the canopy when you need it, and then lift it free to use only the tray whenever this is the preferable option.

Affordable Aluminium Ute Trays for Melbourne & Sydney

Working from standard designs to provide a service in custom ute tray fabrication for Melbourne allows us to offer fast turnaround times for all of our customers. Whether you want to completely fit-out your vehicles with a custom ute tray, canopy and toolboxes, or need a replacement ute tray fast so that you can get on with your day-to-day, you can contact the L&G Chivalry team for accurate quotations on both price and lead times. To find out more about the options available for custom ute trays in Melbourne and Sydney, have a browse through the L&G Chivalry website, call or email our team, or visit us at either the Melbourne or Sydney office today.