Custom Ute Trays

Are you looking for custom ute trays in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or beyond? When it comes to custom ute trays, the team at L&G Chivalry can provide exactly what you need. Our custom ute tray fabrication specialists use the best materials and superior machinery to ensure your tray is built to perfection.

Whether you’re after a tray for a single cab canopy or a custom dual cab tray, our team can do the job. We guarantee the lowest prices for all our custom made ute trays but we will never compromise on the quality of the finish. You can be sure that each of our custom ute tray designs will last for years to come in heavy-duty work environments.

To learn more about our custom aluminium ute trays, call us today, request a call back, or visit your nearest L&G Chivalry team.

Custom Ute Trays in Sydney and NSW

When it comes to custom ute trays in NSW, the team at L&G Chivalry is here for you. We have a Factory at 42 Lisbon Street, Fairfield East, where we create standard and custom ute trays for all our customers. Whether you’re an electrician, a plumber, or just someone who needs to carry around a lot of tools and equipment, our ute trays are perfect for you.

Couple our custom ute trays with a single, dual, extra-cab, or part-tray canopy to store and access all of your tools. Whether you need secure storage on the job or somewhere to store your equipment when you’re at home, this combination is ideal.

As specialists in custom ute tray fabrication, Sydney locals can rely on our team to meet their exact needs, from size and shape to colour and useability. For more information about custom ute trays in Sydney and New South Wales, visit our Fairfield East team or contact us today.

Custom Ute Trays in Melbourne and Victoria

If you need custom made ute trays in Melbourne or throughout Victoria, the team at L&G Chivalry is here to help. Our professionals also have a factory at Unit 2, 10 Bate Dr Braeside in Victoria where we specialise in custom ute tray fabrication. Melbourne locals and residents across Victoria can rely on our team to provide the perfect ute tray for single, dual, and extra cab canopies as well as part-tray canopies.

In fact, our custom ute trays are designed to suit your requirements no matter what kind of canopy you use. Looking for canopies to go with your custom ute trays in Victoria? Our team can create canopies and toolboxes for you as well as custom aluminium trays.

Custom Ute Trays in Adelaide and South Australia

L&G Chivalry can also equip you with the very best custom ute trays in Adelaide and across South Australia. We can provide you with the right custom tray in Adelaide to meet all of your precise needs.

For more information about custom ute trays in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond, please contact us today.