Warranty and Return Policy

  • We offer 12 months parts and labour warranty on all of our products valid from the date of original purchase. All warranty claims are assessed with consideration to general wear and tear. The person/s submitting the warranty claim must be the original purchaser.
  • We offer 7 Day money back guarantee providing the product must be returned in its original condition, un-modified (including our badge) and unused.
  • For Warranty and Returns, L&G Chivalry will not be responsible for expenses in getting products to or from their premises.
  • Custom made orders are not covered by general return policy, and the down payments made are not refundable.
  • Warranty and Return is subjected to our approval after an inspection has been made from us to determine that the issues are genuine and deliberate. Full refunds will be available in the instance of major faults/defects based on assessment by L&G Chivalry.
  • Warranty and Return only covers factory faults, but not damages caused by improper use, such as scratches (hence rust) & overloading. Repairs, modifications or alterations attempted or made to any of the product without the approval of L&G Chivalry could void the product’s warranty. Items/parts that are considered consumables are not covered by part replacement warranty, however customer may purchase these items/parts from us at later stage (plus postage if apply)
  • Those Flat Alloy finish products are considered raw unfinished surface products which may show weld blisters, scratching and imperfections without further surface finish such as painting or powder-coating.
  • Within the warranty period, upon warranty assessment, we shall repair the product using new or re-furbished parts of the same standard, or offer a replacement of the same item of similar condition to the original.
  • Warranty services, including booking, dropping off, picking up and actual service jobs, are only available during our business hours