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  • Why should I buy from Chivalry?

    We do not sell the cheapest products but strive to give the best value for your money. Please compare our products with others and make wise decision, using the insides I shared from the other FAQ "What should I look for when buying alloy Canopy/Tray/Toolbox?"

  • What should I look for when buying alloy Canopy/Tray/Toolbox?

    Others may not tell you (at least not promptly), but here they are: 1, Workmanship. We strongly recommend you to come to stores and look by your own eyes. Make sure the products have good welding, look sturdy and neat. For example, check if a door is whobbling by twisting it, or check it's bended with straight edges etc. 2, Thickness of the alloy Plates. This matters a lot! Some sellers do "overstate" about It so measure it yourself. 3, Materials Used. Aluminium is different to Aluminium, and you can not tell unless you are a specialist.

  • What are the differences between aluminium types, and what does Chivalry use?

    An overview of the different alumium (or rather "alloy") series (or "Grade") is listed below: 1000 series: the purest commercial aluminium grades, containing at least 99% pure aluminium."1060" is the most common. we wouldn't even call it "alloy" and yet lots of our competitors do use it and you don't know if not asking, and very hard to tell with bare eyes esp. under powder coated surface!   2000 series: alloyed with copper for increased strength, and is often used for aircraft and aerospace industries. 3000 series: these alloys contain manganese, and are often used for chemical and food equipment, and buildings. 4000 series: these alloys are wrought with silicon, lowering their melting point. 5000 series: is what Chivalry use across all our products!. known as ‘marine grade’ aluminium, is alloyed with magnesium, corrosion resistant but non-heat treatable, hence it is widely used in fabrication such as transportation, tanks, vessels and bridges. "5052" is the most common. 6000/7000 series: less common and used in special applications such as aircraft and aerospace

  • Do you meanufacture in AU or Import?

    Others may claim "Australian Made" but in fact import 99% parts and then stick a Tag on it, or try to confuse you with "Australian Owned", so do ask them. We do import majority of products from our OWN factories overseas. We can not float as a business using 100% local Australian workers to manufacture everything in here as we are not selling the Ferrari of the canopies, but affordable & good quality stuff so YOU as customer get best value out of it. As far as we know, majority of the players in this market do imports, even the top-ends, only a handful exceptions for which you do need to pay a lot more.

  • What's the difference between Aluminium and Alloy?

    Without wanting to go into all the specifics of a high school science lesson, aluminium is "pure" metal with many commercial applications. It's lightweight but remarkably durable and it can be formed into all sorts of shapes. By contrast, alloys are created from blends of a range of different metals — it's a catch-all term to describe a substance that's created from more than one metal. Nickel, pewter and stainless steel are all common alloys. Stainless steel, for example, can be used to make excellent toolboxes and other storage — but the end results will be substantially heavier than your average aluminium toolboxes. In turn, that puts more hard wear on your vehicle and costs you more in fuel and repairs. So though alloys have a huge amount of day-to-day applications, we deliberately use aluminium to create our toolboxes. We feel it combines various properties that make it ideal for lightweight — but rugged — toolboxes that can stand up to hard use.

  • Where do you ship to?

    We proudly ship nationwide, orders can either be picked up from a local depot or shipped to your nearest industrial estate. • Our physical stores are based right across the country, with warehouses in • Sydney:42 Lisbon Street, Fairfield East, • Melbourne:145-147 Atlantic Drive, Keysborough, • Perth:22 Sarich Court Osborne Park, there is sure to be a store near you!

  • Can you make Custom Designs?

    Yes we do. Please go to our custom order page via the menu at page top and submit a form there to kick off the process. Please note that 1, it does take much longer to be ready (contact us to quote it) 2, it does cost more to do tailor made 3, it is better to communicate clearly what you want to start with, drawings (even hand sketches) do talk better

  • What UTE / vehicles do your tray and canopy fit?

    You'll find our products fit with majority of the local Australian selling UTE vehicles. Note some of the trays & canopies are 1800mm range (1780mm for example), and some are WIDE (like 1860mm or 1900mm) so please make sure you select the right ones based on your vehicle type. I like slightly wider Trays but it's completely up to you. Mind that Ford Ranger 2022+ (and VW Amarok) should really go for wider ones.

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