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Heavy Duty Tray Premium Mud Guard (A Pair) Black

SKU: ATDPMG-1 UTE Chivalry Aluminium Canopy Tray Toolbox Heavy Duty Tray Premium Mud Guard (A Pair)


  • 3mm Flat Plate Aluminium
  • Adjustable Mounting Points
  • 1050mm W Bottom - 650mm W Top x 300mm D x 390mm H
  • Powder coating Black
  • 24 Month Warranty
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UTE Chivalry Aluminium Canopy Tray Toolbox Heavy Duty Tray Premium Mud Guard (A Pair)

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SKU: ATDPMG-1 Category:
UTE Chivalry Aluminium Canopy Tray Toolbox Heavy Duty Tray Premium Mud Guard (A Pair) We’ve decided that simply manufacturing and selling toolboxes isn’t enough, we now supply some of the common parts we use in our toolboxes as well as some handy accessories that will complete your setup. 962mm W Bottom - 530mm W Top x 320mm D x 420mm H



  • Can I install Chivalry's UTE accessories myself or do I need professional assistance?

    Installing Chivalry's UTE accessories is designed to be a straightforward and user-friendly process, making it accessible for both DIY enthusiasts and those who prefer professional assistance. If you decide to install the UTE accessories yourself and run into problems, be sure to contact our team. However, if you prefer professional assistance, many auto service centres can assist with the installation process.

  • What types of UTEs are compatible with Chivalry's UTE accessories and trays?

    UTE accessories and trays are compatible with various UTE models. Whether you own a standard utility vehicle or a specialised workhorse, our UTE accessories are engineered to fit seamlessly, providing a perfect blend of form and function. Explore our range to discover the best UTE accessories for your specific vehicle.

  • Are the UTE accessories designed to withstand different weather conditions?

    Chivalry takes weather durability seriously. Our UTE accessories, including canopies and trays, are meticulously designed and manufactured to withstand a variety of weather conditions. From the scorching sun to heavy rain, our accessories are built to endure, ensuring they remain in optimal condition, no matter the challenges mother nature throws your way. Trust in Chivalry for accessories that stand the test of time.

  • Do you offer customisation options for UTE accessories to match specific vehicle models?

    Chivalry understands that every UTE is unique. That’s why we offer customisation options in order for you to tailor our accessories to your specific vehicle model and make. While we specialise in manufacturing high-quality UTE trays and toolboxes, our customisation options extend to canopies and other accessories. Elevate the appearance and functionality of your UTE by choosing accessories that are as unique as your vehicle.

  • How can I keep Chivalry's UTE accessories in optimal condition?

    Keeping your Chivalry UTE accessories well-maintained ensures longevity and sustained performance. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your accessories stand the test of time:

    Regular cleaning — Regularly clean your UTE accessories, including canopies and trays, with a mild detergent and water solution. This helps remove dirt, dust and other debris that may accumulate during your adventures.

    Use gentle chemicals — While cleaning, avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the surface. Stick to gentle cleaning agents and soft cloths to preserve the finish of your accessories.

    Inspect and tighten — Periodically inspect your UTE accessories for any loose bolts or fittings. Tighten them as needed to maintain structural integrity and prevent unnecessary wear.

    Use protective covers — If your UTE is exposed to extreme weather conditions, consider investing in protective covers. This shields your accessories from harsh sunlight, rain and other elements, preserving their appearance and functionality.

    Get help from a professional — For customized or intricate accessories, periodic professional maintenance is advisable. Chivalry recommends seeking assistance from authorised service centres for specialized care.

  • What range of ute accessories do you offer?

    Our full range of ute accessories includes everything from flared wheel guards and ute toolbox accessories to slide-out kitchens. Have a browse through our range to find the ideal solution for your ute tray needs, be it a simple jerry can holder or an entire workshop.

  • How does Chivalry handle returns or exchanges for UTE accessories?

    In the rare event that you need to return or exchange your purchased Chivalry UTE accessories, we will ensure that you experience a hassle-free process. You can check out our refunds and returns policy to learn how we handle returns.

    Our support team is also ready to assist you through the returns and refund process. Chivalry values your satisfaction and we are committed to addressing any concerns promptly.

  • What is the warranty period for Chivalry's UTE accessories?

    Every purchase is backed by a robust warranty period, offering you peace of mind and assurance. The specific warranty duration varies by product and detailed warranty information is provided with each purchase. You can rest easy knowing that your Chivalry accessory is protected.

  • Can I paint or powder coat Chivalry's UTE accessories to match my vehicle's colour?

    Yes, you can paint or powder coat our UTE accessories to match your vehicle's colour. This type of customisation allows you to express your style while ensuring seamless integration with the overall aesthetics of your UTE. But be sure to only consult with professionals experienced in painting or powder coating to avoid issues down the line.

    That said, Chivalry offers a resilient black powder coating that will provide robust protection against outdoor elements. This advanced coating not only enhances the accessories' aesthetic appeal but also serves as a durable shield, safeguarding against corrosion, UV rays and weather-induced wear.

  • Can I visit one of Chivalry's warehouses to see UTE accessories in person before making a purchase?

    You can visit one of our three warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth to see our UTE accessories in person before making a purchase. Our friendly staff is ready to assist and provide you with insights and recommendations based on your specific needs.

  • Do your ute accessories come with a warranty?

    Our ute accessories in Australia all come with a 24-month warranty because we are confident that no matter what level of use they are subjected to — be it commercial, private, or trade — the premium materials and fabrication will ensure many years of functional quality.

  • Are ute accessories safe and durable?

    In a nutshell, absolutely! The ute accessories from Chivalry Boxes are designed with safety and sturdiness in mind. All our fixtures are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that your accessories don’t come loose at the worst possible time. Plus, all of the ute accessories from Chivalry Boxes are road safety compliant.

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