We have 2 Tray Series:

* T1 trays are our best-value, best-selling Aluminium trays, made of strong lightweight aluminium extrusions and comes INCLUDED Undertray Toolboxes (2mm plates) and Multi-piece Mudguards. It has Tray Deck and Full Tray variants. You may also opt for trundle drawer.

* T3 trays are heavy-duty, fully welded and made of 8mm Aluminium C Channel Main Frames & 4mm 40x40mm SHS Skeleton and comes INCLUDED Undertray Toolboxes (3mm flat plates) and One-Piece 3mm Mudguards. You may also opt for drop-down sides, headboard and large trundle drawer.

When it comes to Tray & Canopy Combos, you can mix and match our Tray (T1/T3) with Canopies (X1/X3), as long as the measurements are good match.

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