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1800mm Service Body Flat Alloy with 3 Door – Raw

SKU: S1F3D1818R UTE Chivalry Aluminium Service Body 1800mm*1840mm


  • 1800mmL*1840mm W Heavy duty Service Body
  • 2.5mm 5052 Flat Alloy
  • 1800mm*1840mm *860 with 3 Doors
  • Whale Tail Locks (3-Points)
  • Premium Mudguard
  • Under Tray Toolboxes
  • Maxi LED Tail Lights
  • Trundle Drawer ( OPTIONAL)
  • 24 Month Structural Warranty
  • 200 kg
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UTE Chivalry Aluminium Service Body 1800mm*1840mm

  • Options for 3 Door Canopy - Central Locking

  • Options for 1800 Canopy Roof Racks

  • T3 Tray Trundle Drawers

  • Combo or Tray Labour

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1800mmL*1840mm W Heavy duty Service Body
1800mmL*1840*860  Canopy with 3 Doors
Internal Bracing
2.5mm 5052 Flat Alloy
Premium Mud Guard
Under Tray ToolBoxes
Maxi LED Tail Lights
3 Bar Roof Racks (OPTIONAL)
1000kg load-carrying capacity
Trundle Drawer ( OPTIONAL)
24 Month Structural Warranty
service bodies comes ready to tackle Australian conditions. Our products are made from superior quality marine-grade aluminum that produces a great combination of excellent appearance, high strength, security, water proof and dust proof. We build the reinforcements into the canopy of all our canopies. We have reinforced doors to prevent warping or twisting under force and a canopy which is strong enough to easily take your weight and more.100% fully welded design and folded construction, the chassis mount canopy comes with everything you need to get on the road. Our rear tail light sections house the Maxi Lamp LED tail lights package and number plate lights. The standard inclusions on every 4WD tray are: Flared mudguards, rear tapered under tray toolboxes and Fitting Kits. From here, you can select from the following optional extras to finish off your tray package.
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