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T1-Wide 1800 Dual Cab Tray

SKU: T1T1819R UTE Chivalry Aluminium Canopy Tray Toolbox T1-Wide 1800 Dual Cab Tray 1800L*1900W


  • 1800mm L*1900mm W
  • Strong Lightweight Aluminium
  • 3mm Aluminium Mudguards
  • LED Tail Lights
  • Under Tray Toolboxes
  • 1000kg Load-Carrying Capacity
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • 76 kg
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UTE Chivalry Aluminium Canopy Tray Toolbox T1-Wide 1800 Dual Cab Tray 1800L*1900W

  • T1 Tray Trundle Drawers

  • T1 Tray Other Optionals

  • Combo or Tray Labour

  • Tray Rubber Mat

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    Chivalry aluminum trays are designed to cater to both work and play. They are made from durable, tough, and lightweight high-grade aluminum. They are designed with robust main bracing and mounting feet, ensuring they can withstand any challenges you encounter.

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    Our Trundle Drawer provides a convenient storage solution for your recovery equipment and accessories. Additionally, our Flared Wheel Guards can easily accommodate up to 35-inch tires. With the same level of quality as our proven products, we are the ultimate solution for all your Tray, Canopy, and Toolbox needs.


1800mm L*1900mm W
Strong Lightweight Aluminium
3mm Aluminium Mudguards
Rubber Mudflaps
LED Tail Lights
LED Licence plate light
1000kg Load-Carrying Capacity
24 Months Warranty


UTE Tray

  • Do you have a showroom where I can physically see and assess the quality of the aluminium UTE trays before purchasing?

    To experience the superior craftsmanship of our aluminium UTE trays first-hand, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms. Located in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, our showrooms provide you an opportunity to physically assess the quality and design of our trays before making a purchase.

    Our knowledgeable staff is on-site to assist you, ensuring you choose the perfect UTE tray that aligns with your needs and preferences. Elevate your UTE with Chivalry's aluminium UTE trays today!

  • How does Chivalry handle returns or exchanges for UTE trays?

    Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to our returns and exchanges policy. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your aluminium UTE tray purchase, we provide a straightforward process for returns or exchanges. Simply reach out to our customer service team and they will guide you through the necessary steps.

    Please refer to our dedicated Returns and Exchanges page on our website for detailed information on our policies and procedures.

  • How can I take care of and maintain Chivalry’s aluminium UTE trays?

    Maintaining the quality and appearance of your aluminium UTE tray is essential for long-term satisfaction. Here are some tips:

    Regular cleaning — Wipe down the tray surface regularly to remove dirt and debris. Use a mild detergent and water solution for a thorough clean.

    Avoid harsh chemicals — Refrain from using abrasive or harsh chemicals on the aluminium surface, as they may damage the finish. Opt for gentle, non-corrosive cleaning agents.

    Inspect for damage — Periodically inspect your UTE tray for any signs of damage or wear. Address any issues promptly to prevent further deterioration.

    Apply a protective coating — Consider applying a suitable protective coating to maintain the appearance and enhance the longevity of your aluminium UTE tray.

    By following these simple maintenance steps, you can ensure that your Chivalry aluminium UTE tray remains in optimal condition for years to come.

  • What are the common issues of UTE trays?

    Chivalry understands that durability is key when it comes to UTE trays. While our aluminium UTE trays are designed for resilience, common issues can include surface rust, dents or scratches over time. Regular maintenance helps mitigate these concerns. Rest assured, Chivalry's commitment to quality means that our trays are built to withstand the rigours of everyday use, providing lasting value for your UTE.

  • Can I install UTE trays myself?

    Yes, you can. Chivalry's aluminium UTE trays are designed with user-friendly installation in mind. While we don’t offer professional installation services, you can independently install our UTE trays or consult with a third-party company that offers UTE installation. If you have questions about installing our UTE trays, our friendly team is more than happy to help you.

  • Are the UTE trays compatible with different UTE makes and models? customize

    Our aluminium UTE trays are designed to be versatile and compatible with a wide range of UTE makes and models. Whether you own a popular brand or a niche model, we have ensured that our UTE trays seamlessly integrate with your UTE. But if your UTE has unconventional dimensions, you can still purchase our UTE trays as we offer custom-made UTE accessories.

  • Can I customise the size of the aluminium UTE tray to fit my specific UTE model?

    At Chivalry, we understand the unique specifications of various UTE models, that’s why we offer customisation options. With us, you can tailor the size of your aluminium UTE tray to precisely fit your specific UTE model. Our customisation service ensures seamless integration, providing you with a bespoke solution that matches both the dimensions and aesthetic of your UTE.

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