Alloy Ute TrayAluminium Trays
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Alloy Ute TrayAluminium Trays


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Tail Light Protecotors

Mash Protector


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1. My driveway is sealed with an even surface
2. There is reasonable vehicle access with height clearance.
3. I acknowledge the delivery is to the front door, carport, or closest practical delivery point as deemed by the driver.

Product Features

  • Strong lightweight aluminium design Unique Recessed latches Heavy Duty Dual Wall Sides Heavy Duty 76mm wide x 5mm Thick Aluminium Headboard Tube Narva Tail Lights 3mm Aluminium Mudguards Will fit most Dual cab utes
  • Tray Length available as 1800mm Long
  • Tray Width available as 1780mm
  • Standard Weight: Approx 115kg
  • Sides: 250mm High, 26mm Wide Dual Wall.
  • Headboard Tube: 76x5mm Brushed Aluminium
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